Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miami attny sues & wins anti-BSL

Where are the NYC attnys?
Mon May 25, 2009 7:03 pm (PDT)

From: Garo
Miami attny sues & wins anti-BSL- where are the NYC attnys?


WE are allowing the Housing Authority to violate the NYS anti-Breed Specific Law when other cities are suing and winning


Rima Bardawil is the attorney who successfully argued and WON an appeal for
a man's pit bull in Miami-Dade, the only county in the state of FL with a
BSL ordinance. Dahlia Canes organized a group to support Rima's work, and
Edel Miedes a wonderful dog trainer is also involved. Altho the below
article centers on Dahlia it was a group effort that won the appeal. The
same group plans to file suit in court this summer to hopefully overturn
the ordinance once and for all. (After the court case, Animal Svcs. stepped
up its harrassment and confiscation of pits BIG time, often leaving notices
on people's doors when they weren't home that they'd be fined $500 if they
didn't turn their pits in. The announcements say nada about KILLING their
pets but that's the gruesome outcome they face. Many who haven't the money
to fight or the education let their dogs go to be killed ... it's a

There is hope; the article below is wonderfully written and Dahlia who is a
true hero for the breed deserves to be congratulated for managing front
cover billing for pits' cause!

Click on title above to read article;

p.s. Please also contact the Miami New Times and express your gratitude
for such wonderfully positive, supportive coverage for animals and
especially for a very much maligned breed that is ultimately one of
America's favorite family dogs! And if you reside somewhere BSL exists or
is being discussed THIS MAY BE THE ROUTE TO GO. It's for that reason I've
forwarded the article outside just FL.
Garo Alexanian
Companion Animal NetworkTV

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