Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Question I Have Just Now Posed......

To The National Womans Law Center;


Dear NWLC;

Hows This for Headlines?

"Mentally Incompetent Indigent Plaintiff Forced to Go It Alone At Trial After Lawyer Gets Disbarred and Court Denies Paralegal Wifes Motion to Join Her Husband as a Co-Plaintiff / Interested Party"

I was wondering if you might be interested in this "womans rights" aspect of my husbands civil case? He is the plaintiff in a million-dollar case against 2 thieving partner(s), one, abeloved brother whom he had always adored and looked up to. After our lawyer got disbarred and all motions were denied (my motion to enjoin and then my husbands own motion for assignment of councel) having been denied, he is now being forced by the court into self-representation and is NOT qualified for it in any way. He is terrified at the thought. He has mental & emotional issues over the fact he is having to sue HIS (beloved) BROTHER over the partnership-thievery. Beside the mental issues, he is by no means the sharpest tool in the shed or the brightest light in the attic...He will be the first one to tell you, and anyone who knows him even slightly, knows he has certain cognitive and other mental "impairments" I am guessing his IQ is in the 50-60 range...if that means anything when it comes to compentency and self-litigation.... our whole financial future is riding on this case. We figure the thieving partners owe us about $150,000 at least, the rest is punative.

The case is getting ready to go to trial. Discoveries are almost complete and we have a hearing coming up on August 26th,... and NO legal representation....

My husband is terrified as he has to go it completely alone. They wont even allow me in the sessions.....(per our adversaries lawyers request. He is tired of me making him look like the dumb bastard that he is! ) But oh, my poor husband...he is terrified and losing sleep at the very thought of having to go in there alone, and I dont blame him.

Hoping that you might be interested in working to establish a new groundbreaking area of law concering a womans "right of interest" in a spouses affairs that directly effect her," ...and to teach this dumb judge a lesson.

If interested to know more, please give me a call at home, anytime;

Christine Jubic
(518) 753 - 7791

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Mz.Many Names said...

Reply by letter recieved 8/14/09;

Regret to inform you that we will be unable to take your case.