Thursday, December 18, 2008

Las Cruces Judge Needs Lesson in Law

Hot News frum Big-Mouth Broad Casting; Teacher gets extreme animal cruelty charges dismissed

Here is the thing. This judge felt like the defendants right to a speedy trial was violated, so he dismissed the charges,BUT, is also stated that part of the delay was attributable to the defense so there is no basis for such a claim. Basic Law 101, so what is the problem with this judge? Could the defendant be a pal of his, perhaps his own kids teacher? Who knows. To dismiss the charges on the phoney claim is an insult to the system and to the law, and everyone involved in it;

Sun-News report
Article Launched: 12/16/2008 04:06:26 PM MST

LAS CRUCES — A state district judge Tuesday dismissed the charges against a Las Cruces teacher facing multiple counts of extreme animal cruelty, saying too much time had elapsed in bringing the case to trial.

Jack Catlan, 57, a speech pathologist at Picacho Middle School, was indicted in February on two felony counts of extreme cruelty to animals and 20 misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals.

"The judge felt that there was a speedy trial violation," said Susan Riedel, chief deputy district attorney. "The judge felt that there was just too much passage of time."

Riedel noted that trial dates for Catlan were previously set for June and then November but the case was delayed in part to defense motions.

On June 28, 2007, the sheriff's department spent 10 hours removing 125 animals from Catlan's property in the 500 block of Fairacres Drive in the community of Doña Ana.

Earlier that month, Catlan's neighbors contacted officials about the number of animals on the property. A search warrant was served on Catlan, but he refused to allow deputies on his property, holding them at bay for more than three hours.

A rooster, two goats, five ducks, 25 chickens, 33 dogs, and 59 cats were eventually seized.

Officials reported some animals suffered from neglect, including dogs with visible soars and matted and tightly twisted fur. One female dog had a perforated uterus from over breeding, authorities said.

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