Sunday, April 5, 2009

Greyhound Racing: There Ought to be a Law

...and in Massachusets, there is;

Greyhounds are wonderful dogs. They are lean and fast at the track and sweet and loyal in our homes. Greyhounds are the racing dog breed that can be found at racing tracks around the country. It is estimated that over 30,000 greyhounds are euthanized every year.

Recently, one state (Massachusetts) actually banned Greyhound racing. This occurred in the past November 4th election - with the bill winning by a 12% margin.

We have an article on Greyhounds. Saving the Greyhound - See their Plight. There is a very poignant video in this article - about the abuse some greyhounds suffer. It is not for children and is very graphic but includes some of the abuses and facts about the worst part of this industry. But if you don't know anything about it - it will give you some idea.

Click on the title above to video, or Go to:
and click on the videos. Again, these videos contain adult content.

There are very good Greyhound rescue groups that will help you adopt one of these wonderful dogs. To learn more about the personality of the Greyhound - read the breed profile Choosing a Greyhound.

If you are looking for a dog - do consider adopting a dog from the shelter or a breed rescue group regardless if you are looking for a greyhound or another breed.


Dr. Jon
Regulate and tax breeding. Any industry that exploits animals and creates an artificial "need" for senseless euthansia or slaughter should be subject to a heavy tax where the money can be used to save some of these animals unwanted BY THE INDUSTRIES that created them.

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